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Home alone You break down and letting everything out
Suffering as loud as you can
Your family comes home
Here you go,fake smile fake laugh pretending everything is okay . Well i'm mysterious so no name no age no country but i love to be weird .
يا الله، سامحني على كل الأشياء الجميلة التي شتمتها ظنًا مني أنها حزينة، سامحني على هراء أخر الليل، أخر الليل تحديداً، أنا أسف يا الله

I don’t know love but i know your heart.

awiiesome sent: Thank you!! I hadn't heard "otherside" for such a long time and now when I visited your page I realized how much I used to like that song! And I like your blog :)

Oh , Thank you
you made my day , appreciate this :))